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Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser


Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser “Touchless”



The most hygienic, efficient, functional and enhancing hydroalcoholic gel dispensing solution for the brand and/or product image.
Solutions from € 38.

Customer satisfaction is a key element that every company should look for. When we design an element of POS material we think down to the last details, seeking the favorable attention of the consumer. At Primer Canal we think that the placement of hydroalcoholic gel in any establishment should be treated with the same mentality as when we design a POS element.

In addition, we must ensure that the use of an element that will remain in our environment for a long time does not generate rejection or apprehension of its use, but rather generates satisfaction and a perception of feeling cared for. And this feeling will undoubtedly be associated with the brand or product image where the hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is.

We offer you the possibility that your brand or product accompany the hydroalcoholic gel …

  • … Whose presence is required in all establishments.
  • … Which will be in a preferential place (inherent to its usefulness).
  • … Which is associated with an image of service / hygiene / preservation of health.
  • … Which in the “touchless” format is preferred by all the points of sale visited.
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    At Primer Canal we are specialized in the design and production of POS material for the point of sale. Since March 20, when the pandemic caused by Covid-19 manifested, we have been developing various elements and proposals that facilitate the consumer’s relationship with the point of sale. Due to the global nature of the pandemic, many of these proposals are applicable not only to the point of sale through POS elements, but also to public buildings, private offices and customer service, catering establishments … in short, anywhere where is advisable to have the sanitary measures recommended by the authorities, particularly dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, with the first phase of confinement, most of the premises adopted an emergency solution with the placement of bottles of hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance, often on precarious supports. But as its use lengthens in time, the precariousness of this solution is also detected: dirty hydroalcoholic gel dispenser bottles, incorrectly placed in the holder (if any), with the cap unscrewed … in short, it has become an element that generates a certain rejection of its use by the consumer, a very dangerous feeling for the point of sale or the place where it is placed.

    However, with the right design, these elements can generate a feeling of satisfaction that affects the brand or product image. To this end, we have developed various solutions that incorporate an automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with CE marking and verified quality controls. With the collaboration of Primer Impacto, we have done field work with 100 points of sale that had a bottle of gel at their entrance. All the points of sale have stated that they would prefer to have our hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.

    We are sure that the return on investment (ROI) is immediate in terms of image and also sales, especially if the priority presence of the hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is taken advantage of to incorporate a promotional message, information or even with the addition of product.

    In addition, in collaboration with Primer Impacto we can put at your disposal a sales team to execute the promotion quickly and efficiently, supporting the “sell-in” team to negotiate the exchange of the hydroalcoholic gel dispenser/exhibitor for a minimum order of product.

Primer Canal


Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser “Touchless” features


Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser Touchless features

Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser “Touchless” Advantages vs. dispenser bottle


Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser Touchless advantages

How to make the investment profitable.




As an advertising support
Generic brand or campaign communication.
As advertising support + product display / vendo
We adapt it to turn it into an exhibitor / vendor of your product.
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As an exhibitor and/or promotional tool
Support your “sell-in” team by negotiating the exchange of the dispenser / display for a minimum order. In collaboration with Primer Impacto, we can put at your disposal a sales team to execute the promotion quickly and efficiently, supporting the “sell-in” team.
Communicate prices or special offers in addition to exposing the product, either to show it or to sell it.
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Some ideas

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    From among the many possibilities for incorporating the automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser, the simplest is to consider only the dispensing device placed on the wall with screws or glued to ceramic or glass with adhesive tape. You can also add an element of communication or promotion.

    To place the automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser in a location without a wall support, we have designed a basic metallic support structure to which we can add a superior communication or product and / or brand promotion poster. Due to battery operation, it can be placed and moved to any desired location.

    Finally, and with a purer concept of POS material, we can design a display that contains product on trays or hooks. This exhibitor can promote the direct sale of the product or report the existence of a promotion in the corresponding area of the commercial area.

    In short, based on the needs of each client we can develop a customized and tailored solution.

Primer Canal
Primer Canal


Other automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispensers



Support customization for small bottles of hydroalcoholic gel. Foot-operated dispenser. Other complementary solutions.

As a complement to the “Touchless” dispenser, and especially for small areas, bar counter tables, store service and payment areas, office tables, etc. where the use of small bottles of hydroalcoholic gel is more common, we have developed some ideas to personalize the holder and to add the brand image or a promotional message.

We also have a foot-operated hydroalcoholic gel dispenser, to which a small personalized structure can be incorporated for each client to present the desired product, to show it or also to sell it.



Primer Canal
    > Foot operated dispenser. No contact with the hands.
    > Adaptable to various sizes of hydroalcoholic gel containers.
    > Made of epoxy painted steel.
    > Customizable design according to customer needs / specifications.


Primer Canal
    > Made of cardboard.
    > For 250 ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.
    > 4-ink printing.
    > Customizable design according to the needs / specifications of the Client.


Primer Canal
    > Ecological dispenser made of birch plywood.
    > For 250 ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.
    > Silk-screen printing.
    > Customizable design according to the needs / specifications of the Client.


Primer Canal
    > Indicator made of polystyrene.
    > For 250 ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.
    > 4-ink printing.
    > Customizable design according to the needs / specifications of the Client.